Beth Chapman, Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Has Passed Away

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I am so sad to hear that Beth Chapman, the power-house wife of Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman has died.

Beth announced in September of 2017 that she was in Stage 2 throat cancer and today, she reportedly died at 5:32 A.M. in Hawaii  at the age of 51 surrounded by her family and holding Duane’s hand.

Beth had been admitted to Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii on June 22nd and was, at one time, placed into a medically-induced coma.  That saddened me, and today, I am so bummed.  I feel so bad for Dog and their family.  My hubby and I used to watch their cable show religiously and one year for Halloween, we WERE Dog and Beth… and we won costume contests and had such fun.  R.I.P. Beth.  Thanks for the wonderful work you did on this earth… and for doing it with a kind heart.