Best Of Brainerd Area ‘Missed Connections’ : Summer 2019

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Photo by burak kostak from Pexels

If you ever get sick of scrolling thru Twitter or Instagram, there’s nothing better than hopping over to the ‘ol C-list and being entertained by the ‘Missed Connections’…

Now, granted, the Brainerd Lakes Area ‘Missed Connections’ isn’t as popular as some larger metro areas, but check out these doozies! Maybe someone is looking for you…

  • Lakes jam-You flashed me after i brought your group an item. I tried to stop back later to get your number but you all went to bed. Tell me what i brought you. And lets get together sometime!
  • Cash Wise NE Brainerd– Looking for the man who looked like he had a long hard day working today. Those blue eyes were like beautiful burning blue flames against your handsome dirty face and I should have looked at them longer. You caught my eye while I was paying and we left before you. I had another person with me. Tell me what we looked like.
  • Silver Hair Female Kohl’s mens department– I’m not sure what you were doing in the men’s department? But I smiled at you as I walked by and you did the same. You followed me to the other side of the department and kept glancing at me. I should have gotten closer and said I. Or gone into the fitting room. Maybe you would have followed?! Anyway, we should get together. You are older me by I’m not sure by how much? Put your age in the subject line and I hope to hear from you.
  • You helped me with some paperwork– You were a gorgeous brunette. You assisted me with some paperwork for my own employment. I thought you might’ve also been curious, so I asked your name before I left. I was kicking myself all the way out the door for not also asking for your number.
  • Moondance Jam– You were dancing and our eyes met … Where did you go? I live a couple miles away and have a walk in shower and a king-size bed. I was wearing a black tank top
  • Crow Wing County Fair Hotty– I was lookin at you while you got a pail of cheese curds. Daaaaang, I love me some curds too. I was going to ask if you wanted to ride the ferris wheel but I was one ticket short. Loved your ankle tattoo wondering how many more you had I couldn’t see. You had on a teal blue Fleet Farm shirt with the sleeves rolled n cuttoff jeans.
    Hit me up. You really did a number on that corn dog too.


These are our people. Connections missed. The flame of a romance blown out before it was even able to be lit. Sad really…  Let’s get these people together!