B93.3 Is Heard On The Jersey Shore?


Today’s Best Country for Nisswa, Brainerd, Baxter and Cape May Point New jersey???

It happened today around 9 am Minnesota time as we see in this video from Facebook.

To be sure that it really was us that he was listening to I double checked the log from this morning at B93.3 and that is exactly what we were playing.

So how the heck is that even possible? We asked our engineer, Jim Offerdahl and our meteorologist Stu Muck for an explanation.

Tropospheric Ducting Propagation…. thanks for asking. 

This is a phenomena that is made possible by temperature inversion and stable air masses that create a conduit that allows radio waves to travel long distances. During a temperature inversion, the temps at ground level are cooler than temps aloft and the inversion causes compression of the cooler air and radio signals can then bounce off of the stationary front that creates. Usually these ducts only propagate a signal a few hundred miles, but today our signal got caught in a major event.  (See Youtube video on Troposheric Ducting)

Or simply put… science stuff that is way above my pay-grade just happened while I was on the radio. -Bill

PS. Sunset Beach Gift Shop and Grille in Cape May Point, New Jersey… Thanks for listening to B93.3!