Bill Satre

Are You Working Today For Free?


There’s an Extra Workday in 2020 Because It’s a Leap Year . . . Should You Get a Bonus? Maybe you could use this to convince your boss to get an extra day off.

We’ve got 29 days this month because it’s a Leap Year.  And the 29th is a Saturday.  But if you’re on salary, you’ll still work an extra day for FREE this year.  Here’s why . . .

Even though the 29th is on a weekend, it throws off the whole calendar.  And the additional day still results in one extra workday in 2020.

In non-Leap Years, six out of seven days of the week happen 52 times, and one happens 53 times.  Like last year, there were 53 Tuesdays.

But in a Leap Year, TWO days occur 53 times.  And both of them happen to be workdays this time around.  We’ll have 53 Wednesdays and 53 Thursdays. There is a grid comparing 2019 and 2020 at the HR website;

If you’re hourly, it doesn’t make a difference.  Hourly workers just clock in and it’s covered.  But salaried workers are effectively working one extra day UNPAID.

So should they be compensated with some kind of bonus?  A new survey asked 10,000 people, and most of them said YES, they should.

59% of us think people on salary should be paid for the additional day of work.  22% said they shouldn’t, and 19% weren’t sure.