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Apology Set To Violin: B93.3 B-Roll Of The Day

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A Dramatic, Violin-Enhanced Reading of an Ex-Boyfriend’s Lame Apology

A TikTok’er named Jax has gone viral with a video of herself reading an ex-boyfriend’s lame apology text . . . WHILE her friend plays a sad violin in the background.  The boyfriend is sorry for “technically” hooking up with her roommate.

That’s not who he is, and it only happened because things have been going wrong in his life.  He even loves her more than Emily the roommate.

And just as his “heartfelt sincerity” reaches its peak, he closes with this brilliant line:  “Also, did you change the Netflix password?”


Adding sad violins to my ex’s bs apology text featuring the incredible @lindseystirling ❤️. #fypシ #foryou #xyzbca

♬ original sound – Jax