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An Iconic Weekend In The Lakes

Terri Clark headlined the 2019 Iconic Fest

The perfect summer weather. The perfect summer concerts. It was an Iconic weekend at the Green lantern this weekend for the 5th annual Iconic Fest. the Friday night line-up was capped off with a memorable performance by the Kentucky Headhunters. They headlined the very first Iconic Fest fives ago. This Iconic Fest brought twice the crowd of the original to hear Headhunter hits like “Dumas Walker,” “Oh Lonesome Me,” and “Walk Softly on This Heart of Mine.”

The crowd grew for the second night on Saturday topping the 2000 from the night before. Shane Martin kicked it off and got things in gear for a great evening. David Ball hit the stage at 7 and rolled right into some favorites. He sang “Private Malone” and told a story about how that song was so well received by people in the services. He was engaging and was still sounding great. The crowd was loving his song “Thinking Problem” and sang right along with him.

David Ball performing at Iconic Fest 2019

The B93.3 crew got to meet with Terri before the show on Saturday. Tess Taylor (middays) and Bill Satre (mornings) were more than a bit excited to meet her. Clearly she was the star of Iconic Fest this year. Everyone there was pumped for her to take the stage. The weather was perfect, the crowd was stoked there was a summertime energy coming from the thousands in attendance as she fired off the first hit. 

Terri Clark starts playing as she jumps up to start performing at Iconic Fest 2019

Terri Clark wowed the Brainerd crowd with hit song after hit song. Playing all of the hits. “I Wanna Do It All,” “Emotional Girl,” new songs like “Young as We Are Tonight,” more favorites like “Now That I Found You,” “If I Were You,”  “I Just Wanna Be Mad,” “When Boy Meets Girl,” “You’re Easy on the Eyes,” “Girls Lie Too,” and “Better Things to Do.”

Headliner for the 2019 Iconic Fest, Terri Clark.

During the encore she launched into a deeper cut that was a natural favorite for the Minnesota crowd, “Northern Girl.”

Terri Clark singing one of her many hits at Iconic Fest 2019

Huge crowd to see Terri Clark at Iconic Fest.Iconic Fest 2019 will be a hard one to beat in 2020. Great job to the hosts, the Larson’s at the Green lantern and of course to the Huffs who once again knocked it out of the park with a music festival that we will never forget. Complete with a marriage proposal.


She signed my hat…..

Image Courtesy of Wisch Photography and Iconic Fest