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Theft: Crow Wing County Residents Reporting Mail And Packages Stolen

Credit: USPS

The nation-wide problem has crept into the Brainerd Lakes area… provides some tips if your packages go missing…

With online shopping being so convenient, without having to brave the crowds, it’s great… except in situations when packages go missing.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if the tracking info says your package has been delivered and it’s not sitting on your porch, look around for it. It wasn’t the case for me, but depending on your home a delivery person might opt to put a package somewhere other than right in front of your front door.

The UPS website says to check “particularly on back porches, bushes, garages, grills, or other places that might protect your package from theft or weather.” It also suggests checking with neighbors who may have mistakenly received your package.

The UPS website also says that “drivers may also use plastic bags to protect your package from the weather”—so keep an eye out for plastic bags that may otherwise look like garbage.

As the Sheriff’s Office says, there are a few extra ways to assist in tracking your packages and overall movement around your property. The only surefire way to remedy the situation is for people to stop being jerks and keep their hands off other people’s packages.